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Four Seasons of Film

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Jul 23, 2019

Nathan and Andy start the convo with The Lion King (2019). This episode is sponsored by Philz Coffee. DOWNLOAD:


Show Notes:

- 00.30 New Format of the show

- 1.40 We don’t like dissing movies and negatively reviewing movies

- 2.45 We don’t want to alienate the Disney Audience

- 3.20 Does Andy Love movies

- 5.10 Nate loves Rom Coms

- 7.30 Back to the Lion King and other Live Action remakes

- 8.30 This movie was made for the younger audience

- 9.17 Johnny Favs has come a long way

- 10.10 The Cell (2000) starring JLo

- 11.25 1st time seeing Lion King?

    - Nostalgia factor

- 12.45 National Geographic

    - Throwing away classic lines

- 13.06 Mumblecore

- 13.30 Re-interpreting the music

- 14.55 Taking away the Mouths and voices

    - Nate and Andy argue

- 17.30 Timon and Pumba were awesome

- 18.40 Pacing difficulties 

- 19.20 Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993)

- 19.45 Animal sex. The R-rated Lion King

- 20.30 Nate and Andy do impressions of each other

- 20.10 Andy was scared by the hyenas 

- 22.00 Scar 

- 23.25 Movies going the way of CGI

    - Indie Film in trouble?

- 25.20 NatGeo Porn

- 28.10 Andy defends the Disney genre

    - Nate starts to defend it but takes a turn

    - The hidden Disney sex messages

- 31.50 Live Action Mulan

- 32.00 “At least we had nachos”

- 35.21 Gus Van Sant’s Psycho 

- 36.00 New KFC Sandwich 


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