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Four Seasons of Film

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Oct 26, 2013

Nathan and Scotty discuss their favorite zombie films, The Lone Ranger: A Real American Hero, and top billing for Johnny Depp. Plus, a duel Crap Night with Andydrogynous as he channels Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain. @fourseasonspod

Oct 26, 2013

Nathan and Scotty discuss This Is The End and why Danny McBride deserves to go to heaven. Plus, the controversial actions of Superman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. It’s the first dual podcast of the Summer season. @FourSeasonsPod

Oct 25, 2013

Nathan and Scotty discuss working at Google, Swingers' Vince Vaughn, and if The Internship could serve as a hangover cure. Plus, a review of The Purge on Crap Night with Andydrogynous. "Like" us today on

Oct 8, 2013

Nathan and Scotty discuss the three-act structure of After Earth, why critics hate M. Night Shyamalan and Will Smith as an actor during Hollywood's Golden Age.  Plus, a Summer Psychic Movie Review from Jules V. and Crap Night with Andydrogynous. Remember to "like" us on...

Oct 1, 2013

Nathan and Scotty discuss Todd Phillips, the Wolfpack and even Justin Bartha.  Plus, Jules V drops by the studio for a "Summer Psychic Movie Review" of The Hangover Part III. Remember to "like" us on