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Four Seasons of Film

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Sep 23, 2014

Nathan and Scotty discuss The Skeleton Twins, the dynamic duo of Hader and Wiig, why The Academy overlooks comedies, nationalizing a Bill Murray Day, and why Ordinary People (1980) is not a depressing film. Amazing performances and a torrent of emotions, The Skeleton Twins is a Best Picture candidate. Follow us...

Sep 17, 2014

Nathan and Scotty discuss Richard Curtis, Love Actually, and the secret to making romantic comedies, the pairing of Alfred Molina and John Lithgow, Shakespeare, and how to pronounce Chocolat. Plus, Crap Night with Andydrogynous and special guest Dr. Jules V joins us for a Fall Psychic Review. Go to

Sep 11, 2014

Nathan and Scotty discuss the loneliness of social media, how to avoid writers block, Daniel Johnston, and the secret to acting. With Frank, director Lenny Abrahamson presents an unconventional musical biopic that separates noise from music. Every artist needs an outlet. The Fall Season of Film is...

Sep 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day, listeners!  In celebration of the holiday The Four Seasons of Film is proud to present a very special episode. Nathan and Scotty watch Labor Day (2014) directed by Jason Reitman and, of course, do most of the talking for you. They discuss giving James Van Der Beek more screen time, Oscar nominee...