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Apr 28, 2020

Nathan picks his favorite 007 with GOLDFINGER (1964) while Andy pretends he’s seen every Bond film and not just AUSTIN POWERS IN GOLDMEMBER (2002). This episode is sponsored by Philz Coffee. 

This episode is sponsored by Philz Coffee. 






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Show Notes:

00:40 Start

01:17 Goldfinger (1964)

02:30 Andy says he has watched all the James Bond movies

04:00 Andy, spy films, and his childhood

05:45 Sean Connery and watching the Bond Films chronologically 

06:50 Watching the Bonds and seeing Austin Power references

08:05 The Arc of the Austin Power Movies

09:02 The Naked Gun Series vs Austin Powers Series

10:40 The Era of the Spoof Movies in the 2000’s

12:10 Squeezing 3 Movies out of Austin Powers

12:24 Is Austin Powers being himself or who is he parodying Bond?

13:32 James Bond is a ridiculous character when you think about it

14:45 The Chauvinistic Side of Bond

15:15 Sean Connery Sunset Blvd story

16:05 Sex Symbols of the 60’s-80’s, the looks

17:42 The 60’s were weird times, mannnnnnn

18:50 The character of Goldmember, where in the Bond universe did he come from?

19:55 Fat Bastard and the Spy Who Shagged Me

20:40 Nate meets Shirley Eaton

21:48 Mike Myers and his career

22:30 Mini-Me, you complete me

23:00 Mini-Me vs Island of Dr. Moreau

23:46 Choosing where to laugh vs laughing

25:35 Fun part about watching all the Bonds, you never know which ones are going to be good or bad

26:40 The Bond Theme Songs

27:30 The Bond Books are Male Romance Novels

29:05 Comparing all the actors who played Bond

30:40 Daniel Craig and the new version of Bond Movies

32:50 So how does Goldmember really hold up?

34:32 The character of Austin Powers vs. the movies themselves

35:34 Dr. Evil is just as great as the character of Austin Powers

37:11 Andy tries to convince Nate that Goldmember is better than The Spy Who Shagged Me

38:06 The music in Austin Powers