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Four Seasons of Film

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May 5, 2020

It’s a High School double feature! Nate argues for the merits of CLUELESS (1995) as Andy defends Jeff Spicoli until his last dying breath. This episode is sponsored by Philz Coffee.






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Show Notes:

00:40 Start of Show

02:29 High School Movies

03:10 Summer School (1987)

03:55 Carl Reiner

04:28  Andy’s favorite high school movies

05:56 Everyone knew a Spicoli 

06:45 Cameron Crowe and how he wrote Fast Times

07:20 The Pheobe Cates Scene

08:25 Sexual Themes in Fast Times and why Andy watched the movie when he was younger

10:25 Andy keeps Nathan talking about Fast Times

11:10 Nate says Clueless may be more classic

11:56 How many times can they say Clueless in the movie?

12:55 Casting 20-year-olds as high school students

13:36 Both Movies are about class systems

15:55 High school movies have evolved over the years

17:25 Why does everyone love Spicoli

18:50 Which movie is better?

19:30 Fast Times and how they handled the tough situations

20:45 Clueless is funnier and better written

21:25 Amy Heckerling and going down the comparison chart

25:20 Andy’s top High School movie

26:10 Rock’n Roll High School (1979)

26:45 Porky’s (1981)

28:00 Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

29:42 Project X (2012)

30:35 Why Nate and Andy don’t like watching movies together

32:00 Spicoli vs. The Dude

33:50 Strong Female lead in Clueless

34:30 Andy loves Paul Rudd and doesn’t like Timothée Chalamet

36:30 Better Soundtrack?

37:20 Sean Penn reflecting on playing Spicoli