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Four Seasons of Film

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Aug 11, 2020

Nathan and Andy discuss their ancestors and Seth Rogen’s new film An American Pickle (now streaming on HBO MAX). This episode is sponsored by Philz Coffee. 






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Show Notes:

00:40 2 Weeks off and we are back!

01:43 Sing less and less comedy movies each year

02:20 A little plot from the movie

02:50 Seth Rogen’s laugh green light’s movies

03:30 Rip Van Winkle meets Seth Rogen from Fiddler on the Roof

04:05 This movie surprisingly has a lot of heart

04:50 Comedians crossing over to Dramas

06:55 Rogan’s two characters in a clean NYC

08:35 Movies nowadays are smaller in scope

11:33 500 Days of Summer (2009), smaller movie that had a larger scope

13:30 Small premises that you hope are funny, Rogen movie rundowns 

15:14 Herschel (Rogen) starts his own business from nothing

16:38 The purpose of Rogen’s younger character, Ben

17:11 Encino Man (1992) vs An American Pickle

18:47 Rogen’s joke writing

19:21 Rogen’s dual roles, other dual role movies - Adaptation (2002)

20:44 Michael Keaton’s “Let’s get nuts”  and we get sidetracked talking about the Batman movies

23:51 Turning evil

25:09 Andy’s favorite Dual Role Movies - The Parent Trap (1998)

26:52 What would our ancestors says if they woke up after 100 Years?

29:08 Lack of criticism when star power is attached to a project

31:05 Being There (1979) and director Hal Ashby